Song Review: Alex Kennedy – Baby Steps

Everyone knows music is an emotional medium. It makes us cry, makes us laugh, makes us excited, and in this case, it makes you “awh” out loud.

Like seeing a picture of a cute dog smiling, or a family being reunited after months apart, ‘Baby Steps’ is a heartwarming and thoroughly wholesome song. 

The debut single from Surrey based singer/songwriter Alex Kennedy illustrates the perspective of an excited parent-to-be, writing an ode to his unborn child that’s filled with excited anticipation and elation that any parent can relate to. Kennedy expresses the preparedness of the awaiting couple, with ‘Nellies on the wall’ and a cot filled with ‘things you need, from the big to the small’ as well as looking forward, to how it will feel to hear the child’s first words and, by the end of the track, watch as they themselves marry.

Kennedys vocals are delicate and thoughtful, and it’s evident there’s a genuine emotional connection to the lyrics. The instrumentation builds throughout, with simple acoustic guitar chords and fingerpicking melodies building into a seamless blend of light percussion, keys, angelic backing vocals and strings. The mix is subtle, but still full of life.

The track is also accompanied by a beautifully animated watercolour video, which adds extra emotional depth and completely succeeds in embodying the songs themes and aesthetic.

‘Baby Steps’ is a delightful debut single, filled with emotion and vivid imagery that sets Alex Kennedy ahead of the game in the busy singer songwriter field.

Check out the wonderful video here:

Stream the track here:

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