Review: In My Dreams – Kalu Uchis

Kali Uchis is known as an artist who defies genres and plays with stereotypical
genre tropes, often having critics question whether she can sustain, but her
latest single “In my dreams” does not disappoint.

This haunting, real-life nightmare but nighttime fantasy, is masked by an
upbeat electro/pop melody. Kari creates a ‘dream world’ to cope with her
everyday life.

As a child Kari lived between North America and Columbia,
she saw the difference between a conflict zone and a relatively stable
economically developed country, which influences her music. Kari
collaborates with Damon Albran, writer for Gorillaz, for this dark,
euphoric single. “Nobody ever gets killed, it’s the dream world”, an idyllic
and naive outlook on life where everything is backward/ upside down in
the ‘dream world’, which is a pop culture reference to ‘Stranger things’,
where the upside-down creates a distorted sense of reality. “In my
dreams” is a mesmerizing track that stays with you, long after you finish

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