Review – KOYO – Ostracised

Safe to say that Psychedelic Rock outfit KOYO have had a busy 2019.

Since the group exploded onto the scene in 2017 with their impressive self titled debut album, the band have been quietly making waves and setting trends. After the 2018 single Jettisoned the band released some stellar singles in 2019. These were the singles Before, Circles and now Ostracised.

The song is a fabulous addition to the ever expanding KOYO back catalogue. It’s an almost 4 minute long free dive into confusion and uncertainty, all undercut with screaming guitars and pounding drums.

The song doesn’t waste a second of its 3 minutes and 48 second runtime, and comes kicking and screaming out of the gate with distortion and a pulsing baseline which drags the listener onto the rollercoaster of the track. The chorus appropriately begins with the lyric ‘what the hell is going on’, and the listener will likely be asking the same question upon a first listen. The whole song is a meticulously crafted fabulous shot of chaos. Fans of Tame Impala, Pink Floyd and other psychedelic mainstays will undoubtedly grin like maniacs at the familiar territory Ostracised takes them to.

And perfectly, the repeated chorus brings a healthy and catchy melodic break from the pandemonium. Listeners will be humming along after the second listen, or in my case the first.

This band are exciting, talented and just on the rise. Get on the hype train, people. We should all be VERY excited about the next steps from KOYO. Real music is still out there to be found in 2019.

Its now 2020, the start of a new decade. Evidently, good music can still hit you like a kick in the face.

Don’t believe me?

Let KOYO prove you wrong.

William Rodger

@koyoband Twitter snap as feature shot

Second album out now

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